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Thank you for visiting St. Paul A.M.E. Church located in Covington, GA. We meet every Sunday morning at 9:30am.

Come join us! So we can get to know you better as we study God's word together. 


We have various small groups and Bible studies that meet throughout the week, and there is always something going on around the church.  Come by sometime soon and connect with us for a lot more details!  In the meantime, feel free to click around and find out all about us.  We look forward to seeing you soon, and to getting to know you better!



Moved and filled by God’s spirit, Reverend Dr. Terrence A. Evans finds tremendous joy in gleaning from, living out, and sharing the Gospel message. Rev. Dr. Evans was licensed to preach at First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Atlanta, Georgia in 2007, and ordained as an Itinerant Deacon in May 2010 and an Itinerant Elder in May 2012 in the Atlanta-North Georgia Annual Conference under the leadership of the late Bishop William Phillips DeVeaux. As an intentional social service provider, teacher, intergenerational communicator, and social justice advocate, Dr. Evans has dedicated his life to serving, which is evidenced in his ministry, professional, and personal life.

A native of Miami, Florida, raised and groomed in the community of Opa-Locka, Rev. Evans was educated in the Miami-Dade Public School System.  After graduating from Miami Northwestern Senior High School, he continued his educational pursuits at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia where he was a scholar-athlete earning varsity letters as a member of the Panthers Men’s Basketball Team. Upon graduation, Dr. Evans worked for Fulton County Government’s Human Services Department for eighteen years. During these years serving people experiencing episodic homelessness, Rev. Evans answered his call to ministry.

Dr. Evans served as a steward, class-leader, and youth pastor, prior to his first pastoral appointment to St. Paul AME Church in Dallas, GA on May 21, 2010. With calm demeanor, keen awareness, and effective leadership skills, Pastor Terrence, as many refer to him as, has effectively served in a myriad of ministry roles, working to infuse innovative ministry concepts into the rich historical tapestry of the congregations and communities he’s served. On October 21, 2016, Dr. Evans was transferred to the Southwest Annual Conference by Bishop Reginald T. Jackson and appointed as pastor of Greater Ward Chapel AME in Columbus, GA. While serving in the Southwest Annual Conference, Dr. Evans held various pertinent positions that bolstered his capacity as a leader. He served The Southwest Annual Conference as a member and financial secretary of The Board of Trustees, Chair of the Ministerial Efficiency Committee, Finance Team Secretary, Sunday School Superintendent, and lead for the committees reporting on the State of the Country and Ministerial Classification.

Additionally, Dr. Evans was the Financial Secretary for the Southwest Conference Board of Examiners, where he also taught the Class on Second Year Studies. Further, Dr. Evans served as Chair of The Central District’s Committee on Preacher’s to The Southwest Annual Conference and as The Central District’s Finance Chair and later Finance Secretary. After dutifully serving in the Southwest Conference as pastor and ministry leader, Dr. Evans was appointed to St. Paul AME Church-Covington, GA on June 2, 2023, returning to the Atlanta North Annual Conference. In addition to working ecclesiastically, Dr. Evans serves the community as a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated. He has also volunteered with local civic organizations, non-profit organizations, in schools, and as an advisory board member of a non-profit with a mission of ending sex-trafficking. 

As both a servant and scholar, Rev. Dr. Evans has an undergraduate degree from Georgia State University, a Master of Divinity Degree from Turner Theological Seminary at The Interdenominational Theological Center (The ITC), both in Atlanta, Georgia. Rev. Evans also holds an earned Doctor of Ministry Degree, with a focus on Leadership and Preaching, from United Theological Seminary in Dayton Ohio.

Dr. Evans is a devoted husband to his lovely wife, and partner in ministry, Tonika.  He and his wife are the very proud parents of three children, Errenous Savon, Amani Saadiq, and Aidan Salim.

Rev. Dr. Evans loves God and God’s people, and counts it all joy to serve the present age. 


      Saint Paul has faced a lot of challenges, rewards and accomplishments during our time.  St. Paul AME Church, Covington, started 13 years after the Civil War in 1878. We built our first church on land that was donated by Mr. L. Bates, who was a successful blacksmith in the community.

      About 1900, our church was lost to fire and most of the church records were destroyed. A year later, our faithful forefathers and foremothers rebuilt the church and a parsonage for the pastor on the original site.

Two years later, fire destroyed our church again. This time, both the church and the parsonage were lost. The church was rebuilt again in 1902 and was dedicated by Bishop Henry McNeal Turner.

      Years later, our church was lost to fire and most of the church records were destroyed. A year later, our faithful forefathers and foremothers rebuilt the church and a parsonage for the pastor on the original site. Two years later, fire destroyed our church again. This time, both the church and the parsonage were lost. The church was rebuilt again in 1902 and was dedicated by Bishop Henry McNeal Turner. During all 142 years of our existence, we were honored to be led and guided by a number of Pastors, Presiding Elders and Bishops in our faith walk.

     The marble-top table, which stands in the vestibule, was purchased by the first Trustee Board of record in 1904. In the years between 1929-1939, which were known as “The Great Depression”, we were faced with downward economy and other issues, such as KKK, Jim Crow and high unemployment. During this time, Sister Clark purchased and donated the first church piano. Ms. Clark was the oldest member of the church, and could not read or write. In 1929, our Pastor, Rev. C. K. King was elected principal of the Washington Street Public School.

      As we move to the 1950’s, our church continued to move forward and reached national attention by receiving Third Place (3rd) Award in a Sears & Roebuck Church Improvement Contest. Pastor G. N. Jones was featured in the 1955 Edition of Ebony Magazine. The 1960’s and 1970’s brought new achievements and problems for St. Paul and the community.  As we moved from segregation to integration, our schools changed, our communities started changing also, but St. Paul helped us move forward during these turbulent times. We held nightly meetings at our church with SCLC to help improve our community. St. Paul was the first church to become a permanent registration site for Newton County voters. We share with our community members who have become Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, College Professors, Teachers, Business Professionals and Politicians. We have also watched St Paul reach celebrity status in many episodes of “In the Heat of the Night” and “I’ll Fly Away”.   

     In 2013, St. Paul continued to move onward to a new location from Stone Mountain Street to Brown Bridge Road, where we purchased 11.4 acres of land. Today, we are constantly adding on and improving our church by remembering our past, facing the present and preparing for the future. We have come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord, trusting in his Holy Word, he’s never failed us yet!

Pastors that Served at Saint Paul, Covington



                                   Reverend Bellsaw                          1878 (Founder)                 Reverend R.J. Jefferson                            1913-1919

                                   Reverend L.A. Townsley                1902-1908                         Reverend R.E. Romans                             1919-1921

                                   Reverend J.T. Johnson                   1908-1909                         Reverend G.W. Washington                    1921-1922

                                   Reverend P.G. Simmons               1909-1910                         Reverend W.M. West                                1922-1924

                                   Reverend J.R. Gardner                  1910-1911                         Reverend A.C. Danford                            1924-1926

                                   Reverend A.B. Gibson                   1911-1912                         Reverend J.P Woodard                              1926-1928

                                   Reverend G.B. Jackson                  1912-1913

                                   Reverend C.K. Knight                    1928-1936                         Reverend M.B. McClendon                       1961-1962

                                   Reverend G.L. Mays                      Appointed 1936               Reverend D.W. Jabcobs                              1962-1963

                                   Reverend L.A. Stroud                    1936                                    Reverend J.F. Booker                                  1963-1964

                                   Reverend C.S. Hunter, Jr.              1936-1937                         Reverend R.H. Kelley                                  1964-1965

                                   Reverend Corlas May                    1937-1939                          Reverend O.J. Thornton                             1965-1967

                                   Reverend C.G. Gissentanner        1939-1941                          Reverend J.T. Robinson                              1967-1968

                                   Reverend W.P. Foley                       1941-1942                          Reverend L.T. Howell                                 1968-1976

                                   Reverend J.W. Gunn                       1942-1943                          Reverend W.F. Few                                     1976-1983

                                   Reverend F.R. Harris                      1943-1945                          Reverend C.R. James                                  1983-1986

                                   Reverend J.C. Miller                        1945-1951                          Reverend Dr. Roosevelt Morris                1986-1988

                                   Reverend J.W. Archibald                1951-1952                          Reverend Charlie Tatmon                          1988-1991

                                   Reverend G.N. Jones                      1952-1958                          Reverend C.W. Williams                             1991-1995

                                   Reverend J.S. Horton                     1959-1960                           Reverend A.H. Hall, Jr.                               1995-2005

                                                                                                                                         Reverend Thomas R. Stegall                         2006-2021

                                                                                                                                        Reverend Dr. Lewis Logan II                 2021 - Present 

Pastors 1928 – Present
Pastors 1878 - 1928
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