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Patient and Nurse

Rev. Marie Fuller Davis Caregivers Ministry
St. Paul AME Church
13108 Brown Bridge Road
Covington, GA 3016

Beatrice Logan President
Liz Smith Vice-President
Mary Morgan Secretary
Freda Broughton Assistant Secretary
Margaret Stokes Chaplain
Rev. Darlene Smith Advisor

The mission of the caregiver’s ministry is to help ST. Paul AME disciples who are physically unable to
participate in church activities remain connected with the church body. SPAME caregivers demonstrate
God’s love through the provision of emotional, spiritual, and pertinent relief services to congregate
disciples who are facing challenges due to an illness, caring for a love one, widowed, transition of a
love one, and other crisis.
The goal of our ministry is to demonstrate the love of Christ by using our spiritual gifts to do the will of
God through working together to ensure our members who are sick and shut-in know they are valued
and have a genuine, loving, caring, and devoted church family. To accomplish this goal, the committee
interfaces with other SPAME ministries to:

Assign one Caregiver member to every person on our sick and shut-in list.
o Commit to calling the person weekly
o Purchase postal stamps and thinking of you /get well/sympathy cards. Send cards to let
infirmed members know they are in our thoughts and prayers
o Offer daily prayers for sick and shut-in members and their caregivers
o Arrange transportation to church for homebound persons and the caregivers.
o Offer transportation to some medical appointments , pick up prescriptions, grocery
shop, if needed
o Home visits, when feasible, to LISTEN, pray together, conduct Bible Study, perform
devotional readings, share church announcements/ activities, provide snacks, toiletries,
reading materials, memory-stimulating games/puzzles etc.
o Assist with paperwork (insurance claims, reimbursement forms, applications, etc), if
o Perform minor housekeeping chores, when needed.
o When feasible, offer to stay with the homebound once or twice a week, to relieve the
o Make sure the home has an emergency response system
o Compile list of community resources ((medical transportation, tax assistance, energy
assistance, etc) and make referrals to appropriate resources.

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