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Mr. Job Titus Cannon
Minister of Music 

     With  over 27 years of experience as a teacher, musician, and music educator in various school systems in Georgia and Louisiana. He is also a well- known composer of music for movies, gospel ensembles and music productions. In addition, Mr. Cannon is the CEO of Nu Skool Program Services which is a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization geared to give music education to talented students between the ages of 12 -17 years of age. Mr. Job Titus Cannon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in music (University of Louisiana-Lafayette), a Master’s Degree in Music Education (Northwestern State University) and a Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership (Columbus State University). He is also a published Author of the book, “Standing Tall While Facing the Trials that Come into Your Life”. [Author House Publishing]

     Mr. Job T. Cannon is a consultant for Musical Groups, Churches, Music Industry Artists, and Musical Organizations in Georgia as well as around the South. Lastly,
Mr. Job Titus Cannon is a licensed and ordained minister.

Music Department 

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